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Welcome to NAK’s creative portfolio platform where you will find a compilation of all creative outlets. NAK is an artist who has a passion for Art, Singing, Songwriting, Poetry and many other forms of art expression. NAK’s art is an interpretation and expression of the internal spirit and this platform is a way for other soul searchers to connect and appreciate art.

NAK has always been passionate in singing and this may have be passed down from her family which are creative in many ways. From her mother’s passion for poetry and art, to her Grandmother’s mesmerising traditional arabic folk singing.

Since leaving school many years ago, NAK has explored more of her creative energies and has focused on trying more art and pushing creative boundaries to what has not yet been explored.


NAK is a multi-genre artist, songwriter, and producer. NAKS influences range from a variety of Genres including, R&B 2000’s, Jazz , trap, World Music, Hip Hop, Blues, Country & Folk.


NAK’s poetry style is a rhymed poetry style that enables NAK to speak the poetry and let the words flow out in a way that connects each word and meaning together and intertwines to share a deep connected message.

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